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"A good eleven minutes and barely three songs, Feverseed doesn't need more to convince us. They open in high speed with the unconditional 'Let Yourself Down", to continue the paved road with "Beat Me". In pleasant contrast is the light-footed epic 'Imprint'...Great Debut!" - Keys and Chords

With the release their debut EP 'Let Yourself Down' ,Feverseed offers up a significant incitement that grasps onto a soul-infused universe. Placing the spotlight on their introductory single, and title track, 'Let Yourself Down,' the band delivers a remarkable performance of budding personality that capture the highs and lows Feverseed coasts through in the motion of powerful guitar riffs and extravagant rhythm - Buzz Music

I discovered this Band while shuffling songs on Spotify and I really liked the energy of their music.  At first listening, I was immediately struck by the voice of the singer that in some moments reminded me of Elvis meeting Thom Yorke.  Definitely one of the most interesting voices that I’ve heard lately, a voice capable of playing with the interpretation of the lyrics.  The band is able to keep the listener glued to the speakers from the first to the last second because of the continuous variations that they offer in the chord progression and in their harmonic intuitions." -Edgar Allen Poets

"NOW THIS IS ROCK AND ROLL!" - Brooklyn Music Experience

"With elements of metal and '80s glam rock mixed with both retro and modern sensibilities, 'Beat Me' could have been a train wreck.

Instead, it's a strong, cohesive track that zeros in on its target. Well-produced, appropriately raw vocal, and impeccable focus.

There's even a sort of tongue-in-cheek sexiness about the track that turns the lyrics on their head." - Gael MacGregor

"Feverseed's sound is both ancestral and distinctive, I enjoyed 'Let Yourself Down" just as much as I enjoyed 'Beat Me'. I thought that the vocals, lyrics, the instrumentals and even the artwork blended well as I am sure my followers will enjoy listening... -LHMPR Radio

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